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Reinventing Fire

For over a quarter century, Rocky Mountain Institute has helped solve problems, gain competitive advantage, increase profits, and create wealth through the more productive use of resources.

RMI's areas of core practice are grounded in our unique blend of whole-systems thinking, integrative design, end-use/least-cost analysis, and an interdisciplinary knowledge of advanced technologies.

Core Practice Areas

Built Environment: Driving energy efficiency in the built environment

RMI's work in the green building space is designed to transform the built environment into a sustainable and regenerative global ecology. Our goal is to enhance collaboration between all aspects of the built environment and facilitate implementation of sustainable high-performance solutions through collaborative integrated design. Learn more.

Electricity: Expertise in the full spectrum of energy technology, markets and policy

Our mission is to eliminate electricity’s contribution to climate change by immediately transitioning to energy efficiency and renewables. Learn more.

Mobility + Vehicle Efficiency: Catalyzing profitable, efficiency-led solutions to reduce reliance on oil

MOVE leverages over two-decades of RMI's pioneering research on sustainable transportation, rethinking the way mobility needs are met and helping clients implement transformative designs. Learn more.

Strategic Consulting

RMI's strategic consulting involves:

  • Assessing industry trends
  • Evaluating relevant technologies
  • Analyzing alternative business models
  • Developing a profitable climate strategy
  • Facilitating stakeholder involvement
  • Developing operating principles and practices
  • Assessing the environmental impact of products and innovations

RMI's network of companies, consultants, government bodies, and NGOs with diverse standpoints on the environment provides access to the latest information and progress in the service of our clients. Through this convening power, we can expand our content knowledge in areas such as product design, regulations, green marketing, policy and more.

Innovation Workshops ("Charrettes")

Many design and strategic challenges can best be solved through an intensive, highly integrative, transdisciplinary innovation workshop, or Charrette.

A Charrette brings together stakeholders and experts at the very outset of the process for small and large group brainstorming, discussion and converging on synergistic solutions. In our experience, this approach yields an ambitious design product, typically conceptual, with some extension into early schematic design.

By fostering cross-disciplinary interaction, we can generate solutions that would otherwise remain obscured by conventional thinking. Participants who might not ordinarily collaborate—even though they share a common interest in the outcome—exchange ideas and devise recommendations that can later be refined into specific designs or actions.


When we step back from consulting on individual projects, we have the opportunity to address the barriers to good design. We receive support from our donors who help us practice the "think" part of being "a think-and-do tank." Here, we work not with one client, but with an industry. We work not on increasing efficiency in one building or one utility but in showing others how to increase energy efficiency by ten times the baseline. Research work allows us to put information together in new ways, resulting in free online tools, books videos, and interactive Web tools, all widely available for others to use.

Contact us to inquire about using RMI’s services for your next project or to speak to an expert about our work.


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