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Amory Lovins“Today, we do not need to convince the world that Reinventing Fire is necessary. Instead, we must work together to make it happen.”
--Amory Lovins, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist; November, 2009

Your involvement with RMI enables us to actively pursue our vision of a promising future, powered by efficiency and renewables, and free of fossil fuels.

How You Can Help

You can help the world get off oil and fossil fuel-generated electricity—by learning, getting involved, and supporting RMI's transformational work through donations.

First, explore the work that we are doing at RMI.

Spread the Word

By spreading the word about our work, we can multiply our efforts.

  • Help others become part of the solution. Have 10 friends join RMI to receive free, regular updates about RMI's progress in profitably moving the world off fossil fuels.
  • Share our videos. Visit our Video page or our YouTube collection and email an RMI video to 10 friends.
  • Connect with us. Follow us on Twitter and add us to your list of Facebook friends.
  • Reach out to your sphere of influence. Share information about RMI's work and impact via email, direct mail or both with those who are in a position to drive change in the world.

Give Today
Thanks to our generous donors, RMI can continue to create effective and original action by transforming design, busting barriers, and spreading innovations. Discover the many ways you can give to RMI today.

National Solutions Council
Get an inside view of RMI by joining the National Solutions Council. NSC members have exclusive access to many aspects of the Institute’s operations and the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals.

Network with others who share your passion and become intimately familiar with RMI's work by attending an event.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going Green Today is a unique online service that creates customized plans to reduce your carbon footprint by 35 percent. Going Green Today has chosen RMI to receive a $15 portion of their $29 one-time fee because they believe in our work.


Rocky Mountain Institute(RMI) respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. We do not sell, trade, share or rent any personal or financial information you provide us through our website, donation pages and forms or through any other means. We have a formal privacy policy to inform you about the ways in which we collect and use this information, which can be found at www.rmi.org/Privacy.

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