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Green Footstep

Rocky Mountain InstitGreen Footstep Logoute has created an online carbon assessment tool called Green Footstep that helps architects, engineers, and developers understand how much a building contributes to global warming.

Green Footstep reveals the design targets required to achieve carbon neutrality, net zero site energy, and other goals, and can be used on residential and commercial new and retrofit building construction projects, from pre-design through occupancy.

With Green Footstep, builders can:

  • Assesses the total building carbon footprint due to site development, construction, and operation;
  • Helps designers and other project stakeholders set carbon emissions goals and design targets;
  • Reveals the most effective levers that you can use to meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge, earn credits in green building rating systems, and achieve other goals; and
  • Compliments a financial model (based on Life Cycle Cost Analysis) to provide the most comprehensive support for building design decisions.

Download the tool, read case studies and learn more at greenfootstep.org.

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