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National Solutions Council

National Solutions CouncilThe National Solutions Council provides opportunities for members to promote the work of Rocky Mountain Institute to others, helping broaden the base of financial support for our mission to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources.

Become Part of the Solution - Join Now!

A gift of $1,500 or more brings you into RMI’s National Solutions Council, a collaborative community of people committed to understanding, supporting and advancing an energy future free of fossil fuels and powered by efficiency and renewables.

Your gift will help accelerate Rocky Mountain Institute’s transformational work in transportation, buildings, industry and electricity.

Benefits of Membership


  • Drive tangible change through annual sponsorship of a specific RMI initiative
  • Network with colleagues and peers
  • Hear exclusive briefings from RMI staff and industry experts
  • Participate in online discussion and networking groups
  • Receive advance notification of key upcoming RMI publications
  • Attend RMI educational and networking events

By investing in RMI, you help transform ideas to solutions and network with others who share the same goal as you: a vibrant future rich with abundant, clean energy.

The NSC is always accepting new members.  Contact nsc@rmi.org for more information on joining.

Past Projects Sponsored by the NSC

Each year, NSC Members select a scope of RMI's work to support by directing $750 of their contribution to a related project. Below are the NSC-sponsored projects from recent years.

Reinventing Fire

A detailed roadmap that brings together RMI’s 28 years of innovation and engages the world in our most ambitious and important work yet—using whole-system thinking and integrative design to move the U.S. off fossil fuels by 2050, led by business for profit.

Superefficient Housing Initiative (SHI)

Paring green building with affordable housing is a natural fit. Green development offers healthier living environments and more efficient, durable buildings with a lighter environmental impact and lower maintenance costs. Currently the residential sector accounts for 21% of U.S. energy consumption. RMI’s goal through this initiative is the widespread transformation of affordable housing whereby homes will—through efficiency—use 60-80% less energy than today’s U.S. average, while being built at comparable costs and attainable by all socio-economic strata. Learn more

Winning the Oil Endgame

A peer-reviewed roadmap for getting the United States completely off oil by the year 2040.

Smart Garage Charrette

Identified the barriers and breakthroughs needed to electrify the U.S. auto fleet. Launched Project Get Ready, an initiative with more than a dozen cities and numerous technical partners collaborating to prepare North America for electric vehicles.

Feebate Research for Cars and Trucks

In-depth study of a solution to encourage adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles by providing incentives (rebates) for purchasing vehicles with higher than same-class-average fuel economy, funded by fees on purchases of vehicles with below average economy.

High-Performance Building Series

These two films show RMI’s thought leadership around the business case for building green and offer an in-depth look at how the integrative design process happens

Join Now
For more information, please contact Megan Shean, Director of National Solutions Council, at mshean@rmi.org or (970) 927-7210.

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