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Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED) is for governments, development partners, and the private sector in developing countries that are expanding access to electricity. SEED provides an unbiased and actionable program to accelerate sustainable development that considers both on and off-grid approaches holistically.

The current electrification model isn’t working well for six key reasons:

  • Lots of money and advice flowing into countries but in an uncoordinated and sometimes contradictory way
  • Mismatch between what governments are offered and what a country really needs
  • Focus on building traditional centralized grid ignores off-grid solutions
  • Plans are outdated by the time they are complete because they take too long to develop
  • Large and growing energy efficiency opportunity is often overlooked
  • Mismatch of take or pay supply contracts with demand will cost governments billions

SEED works with governments, development partners, and the private sector to secure and effectively deploy funding to meaningfully increase electrification and reduce energy system expenditures. We do this by:

  • Collaborating closely with stakeholders throughout the process
  • Delivering a rapid technical, economic, and business diagnostic of the whole energy system
  • Designing a detailed program with a bias toward immediately implementable activities to allow a country to control its energy future
  • Ensuring implementation is successful by building capacity within government and engaging key partners and offering continuing support as needed


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