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Solutions Journal: Summer 2011 (Vol. 4, No. 3)


RMI Consultant Jay Tankersley explains how we can reach aggressive goals for renewables and efficiency by 2050. See more videos at RMI TV.

More Summer Articles


Do EVs Create Jobs and Improve the Economy?

By Matt Mattilla & Justin Lowell Bellew

While we may be in the midst of an economic recovery, many people are struggling due to high unemployment and the lack of job creation. This pain is not lost on the government, which has pushed for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for “pick and shovel ready” projects.  Read more


Flex Technology: An Important Step for Renewables

By Carrie Jordan

General Electric recently unveiled its FlexEfficiency technology, which delivers both flexibility and efficiency to power plants.  Read more


Catawba Center for the Environment Leads Student Summit

By Molly Miller

“We all have to seriously sit down and see the other side,” says Catawba College senior Sarah Moore, who is majoring in environmental education.  Read more


Robinsons Leave the World a Better Place

By Justine Nathanson

We recently learned of the death of Caroline Robinson, an early innovator and longtime supporter of RMI along with her husband, Nelson “Buck” Robinson.  Read more


RMI’s New Book Goes to Press

Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era, by Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute, has gone to press and will be released by Chelsea Green publishers this fall. Read more



A Day in the Life of RMI

What would it be like to be an insider with RMI staff for a day?
Some guests of RMI recently had the chance to answer that question. Read more

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