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Executive Leadership
Jules Kortenhorst Chief Executive Officer Boulder
Kathy Wight Manager, Executive Operations Boulder
Amory B. Lovins Cofounder, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus Basalt
Amory Lovins Downloadable Bios
Clay Stranger Director, Office of the Chief Scientist Basalt
Ryan Laemel Associate, Office of the Chief Scientist Basalt
Amy Westervelt Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Scientist Basalt
Ned L. Harvey Managing Director, Carbon War Room Business Unit Boulder
Marty Pickett, JD Managing Director Basalt
Richlyn Pavcek Executive Assistant Basalt
Research and Collaboration
Paul Bodnar Managing Director Boulder
Iain Campbell Managing Director Boulder
Denali R. Hussin Executive Assistant Boulder
Jon Creyts, Ph.D. Managing Director Basalt
Stephen Doig, Ph.D. Managing Director Boulder
Lena Hansen Managing Director Beijing
Cynthia Ma Office Manager Beijing
James Newcomb Managing Director Boulder
Debbie Giallombardo Executive Assistant Boulder
Curtis Probst Managing Director New York City
Jerry Weiland Managing Director Boulder
Hervé Touati, Ph.D. Managing Director Boulder
Kate Mark Executive Assistant Boulder
Lily Donge Principal Washington, D.C.
Thomas Koch Blank Principal Boulder
Coreina Chan Principal Boulder/New York City
Joseph Goodman, Ph.D. Principal Basalt
Leia Guccione Principal Boulder
Adam Klauber Principal Boston
Justin Locke Director Washington, D.C.
Frigyes Lestak Director London
Virginia Lacy Principal Boulder
James Mandel, Ph.D. Principal Basalt
Jesse Morris Principal Basalt
Mike Roeth Director
Li Ting Principal Beijing
Roy Torbert Principal Boulder
Greg Rucks Principal Basalt
Victor Olgyay, AIA Principal Boulder
Jeff Waller Principal New York City
Eric Wanless Principal Basalt
Richard Ward Director Washington D.C.
Cyril Yee, Ph.D. Principal Boulder
Josh Agenbroad Manager Boulder
Kathleen Baireuther Manager Austin
Chris Burgess Manager Washington, D.C.
Michael Bendewald Manager Boulder
Martha Campbell Manager Boulder
Koben Calhoun Manager Boulder
Cara Carmichael Manager Boulder
Katherine Chrisman Manager San Francisco
Ji Chen Manager Beijing
Jacob Corvidae Manager Boulder
Dan Cross-Call Manager Boulder
Mark Dyson Manager Boulder
Jamil Farbes Manager Boulder
Ellen Franconi, Ph.D. Manager Boulder
Yihan Hao Manager Beijing
Mike Henchen Manager Boulder
Ian Kelly Manager Boulder
Phil Keuhn Manager Boulder
Edward J. Klock-McCook Manager Boulder
Jason Meyer Manager Boulder
Chris Nelder Manager Boulder
Jonathan Walker Manager Boulder
Dan Wetzel Manager Beijing
Stephen Abbott Sr. Associate Boulder
Annie Benn Sr. Associate New York City
Kevin Brehm Sr. Associate Boulder
Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D. Sr. Associate Boulder
Kelly Carlin Sr. Associate Boulder
Aman Chitkara Sr. Associate Boulder
Kieran Coleman Sr. Associate Boulder
Lynn Daniels Sr. Associate Boulder
Amy Egerter Sr. Associate New York City
Kendall Ernst Sr. Associate Boulder
Courtney Fairbrother Sr. Associate Boulder
Garrett Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Sr. Associate Basalt
Michael Gartman Sr. Associate Boulder
Devi Glick Sr. Associate Basalt
Rachel Gold Sr. Associate Washington, D.C.
Claire Henly Sr. Associate Boulder
Matt Jungclaus Sr. Associate Boulder
Yi Ke, Ph.D. Sr. Associate Boulder
Becky Xilu Li Sr. Associate Boulder
Margaret McCall Senior Associate Boulder
Chris McClurg Sr. Associate Boulder
Robert McIntosh Sr. Associate Basalt
James Mitchell Sr. Associate London
Dave Mullaney Sr. Associate Basalt
Douglas Miller Sr. Associate Washington, D.C.
Paolo Natali, Ph.D. Sr. Associate Boulder
Titiaan Palazzi Sr. Associate Boulder
James Sherwood Sr. Associate Boulder
Jiayin Song Sr. Associate Beijing
Isaac Toussie Sr. Associate New York City
Anthony D. Teixeira Sr. Associate Boulder
Selena Wang-Thomas Sr. Associate Boulder
Katya Whyte Sr. Associate Washington D.C.
Hayes Zirnhelt Sr. Associate Boulder
Marshall Abramczyk Associate Basalt
Sherri Billimoria Associate New York City
Allison Crow Associate Boulder
Ruosida Lin Associate Beijing
Radhika Lalit Associate New York City
Sam Hartnett Associate Basalt
Shutong (Lucy) Lu Associate Beijing
Cynthia Ma Office Manager Beijing
Zihe Meng Associate Boulder
Alisa Petersen Associate Boulder
Ali Rotatori Associate Washington, D.C.
Scarlett Santana Associate Basalt
Craig Schiller Associate Boulder
Mark Silberg eLab External Engagement Associate Boulder
Zhe Wang Associate Beijing
Pamela Day Program Coordinator Boulder
Jessie Lund Program Coordinator Boulder
Callie Sasser Program Coordinator Boulder
Project Management Office
Tom Doyle Principal Boulder
Ruth Kariuki Data and Reporting Analyst Boulder
Chelsea Leber Project Analyst Boulder
Pam Schuckies Salesforce Project Analyst Boulder
Brad Mushovic Managing Director Boulder
Mark Grundy Managing Director New York City
Cindie Baker Editorial Director Boulder
Laurie Guevara-Stone Writer/Editor Basalt
David Labrador Writer/Editor Boulder
Romy Purshouse Sr. Art Director Boulder
Marijke Jongbloed Designer Boulder
Kaitlin Wutschel Designer Boulder
Kevin Haley Marketing Manager Boulder
Bianca Wachtel Marketing Manager New York City
Kelly Vaughn Marketing Manager Basalt
Todd Zeranski Marketing Manager Boulder
Katie Lau Senior Associate New York City
Lindsey Chew Digital Marketing Associate New York City
Kitty Bu Head of Communications (China) Beijing
Sha Liu Sr. Communications Associate (China) Beijing
Danielle Li Communications Associate Beijing
Keely Henderson Managing Director New York City
Alex Tsubota Executive Assistant New York City
Jennifer Stokes Development Director Boulder
Meg Cayler Major Gifts Officer New York City
Lisa Phillips Major Gifts Officer New York City
Jennifer Childs Major Gifts Officer San Francisco
Betsy After Development Officer Basalt
Megan Shean Development Officer Basalt
Ginny Yang Development Senior Associate Basalt
Lara Johnson Senior Grant Writer and Researcher Boulder
Amy Baum Development Associate Boulder
Heather McCreery Chief Financial Officer Boulder
Carly Nading Controller, Finance and Operations Boulder
Ruthanne Elkins Accountant Boulder
Frances Woolley Accountant Basalt
Human Resources
Carol Nasta Managing Director Boulder
Amy Dick Manager of HR Administration/Recruiting Boulder
Nicole Martin Learning and Development Manager Boulder
Emily McMahon HR Generalist Boulder
Information Systems
Betsy Leach Director of IT Basalt
Hector Maglione IT Analyst Basalt
Adjunct Staff
Robert Hutchinson Senior Fellow Boulder
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