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Driving Thought Leadership

With the help of partners across the buildings sector, RMI reports address issues and answer questions crucial to designing, constructing, and scaling buildings that perform better for owners, occupants, and the environment.

The following list includes our most recent resources. A full database of thought leadership in the buildings sector is available in our Knowledge Center.


Mapping a Pathway to Low-Carbon Campuses 2016

This guide highlights best practices to maximize the impact and feasibility of a climate action plan for college campuses, providing insights on ways to innovate beyond business-as-usual practices, plus case studies to demonstrate how common barriers can be overcome. 

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An Integrative Business Model for Net Zero Energy Districts 2016

Net zero energy developments can be life-cycle cost neutral compared to business as usual and have lower first costs to parcel developers, all while creating a community that is more livable, healthy, comfortable, resilient, and environmentally sustainable.

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Re-Defining and Delivering Thermal Comfort in Buildings 2016

By focusing on six variables that drive a person’s comfort, a design strategy can become more targeted and focus the building’s energy where it makes the biggest difference— moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to directly meeting the needs of each individual occupant.

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How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value: A Guide for Investors 2015

This practice guide shows real estate investors how to incorporate new value elements of deep retrofits into decision-making through the preparation of a comprehensive deep retrofit value report presented as part of a retrofit capital request.

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Deep Energy Retrofits Using Energy Savings Performance Contracts: Success Stories 2015

Energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) have become a key mechanism for energy efficiency upgrades. This report showcases eight case studies that highlight best practices in federal ESPCs. Highlighted projects cumulatively exceed 600 billion BTUs in energy savings.

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How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value: A Guide for Owners/Occupants 2014

Deep retrofit value is the net present value of all of the benefits of a deep energy investment. This guide documents the compelling logic of how deep energy efficiency and sustainability retrofits create value beyond energy cost savings, providing the foundational methodology necessary to calculate and present value to retrofit decision makers.

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Next Generation Energy Management: Solutions for the Next Level of Performance in Corporate Real Estate 2014

RMI and CoreNet Global provide a set of strategic solutions that present clear evidence for the benefits of taking action and provides the direction corporate real estate professionals need to set and achieve the highest goals practical and profitable for building energy performance.

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