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Trucking Efficiency

Trucking Efficiency is a joint effort of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and the Carbon War Room to double the efficiency of North American goods movement, through the elimination of market barriers to information and financing.

To advance this mission, Trucking Efficiency is focusing on solutions to five key barriers to the adoption of fuel-saving technologies in the on-road trucking sector:

  • Payback time and high initial cost of trucks
  • Lack of access to capital
  • Lack of access to capital to cover upfront costs
  • Perception of efficiency technologies as insufficiently reliable
  • Unavailability of technology

Why Freight Efficiency?

Road freight, or the commercial operation of road vehicles, produces 1.6 billion metric tons of CO2e per year, making the sector responsible for 5.75% of total worldwide GHGs. The industry also has a sizable fuel bill, which is only growing alongside fuel prices. With trucking predicted to grow by 2% or more each year, emissions reductions in this sector are critical to meeting key climate stabilization targets and supporting the industry’s profit margins.

Within road freight, Trucking Efficiency focuses on the Class 8 tractor-trailer fleet because they have the potential to benefit most from efficiency technologies due to their mileage and tonnage hauled. The adoption of five physical technologies and two information and communication technologies (ICT)-based efficiency solutions by the Class 8 commercial vehicle fleet in the United States will prevent the emission of 624 million tons of CO2e by 2022 under predicted industry growth rates. This suite of seven technologies represents average fuel savings of $13,000 per truck, with a payback period of just 24 months. The US is a key location for such savings, as the operation of heavy-duty vehicles consumed 50 billion gallons of fuel in 2010.

"If implemented, currently available trucking technologies could earn fuel savings of as much as $13,000 per truck with a payback time of less than 24 months," Mike Roeth, Operations Lead, Trucking Efficiency

Confidence Reports

You can read up on the trucking efficinecy operation at the official operation website, and download all of the confidence reports released to date. Visit www.truckingefficiency.org.

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