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Abundance by Design®

Abundance by Design® is what we do at Rocky Mountain Institute. We provide services that help businesses, communities, and institutions save energy and natural resources, prevent pollution, and strengthen communities. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. It substitutes sufficiency for privation, contentment for envy, tranquility for conflict, synergy for tradeoff. Just as waste spawns scarcity, elegant frugality fosters abundance. RMI creates abundance through solutions that wring far more benefit from energy, water, materials, and other resources, and showing people how to do more and better with less for longer. We reveal how to meet the needs of a clean, prosperous, and secure world not by felling the last tree and catching the last fish, not by scraping the bottom of the barrel from the ends of the earth, but by innovative design, rigorously applied and vigorously promoted.

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