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Download our latest report: A Consortium Approach to Data Interoperability


Friday 16 December 2016


We want to share Rocky Mountain Institute's latest report: A Consortium Approach to Transit Data Interoperability. 

The U.S. market potential for data interoperability is estimated at upward of $6 billion and is shown to drive ridership of alternative transportation modes.

This paper presents a set of data requirements that addresses poor quality and incomplete data and data standardization barriers and thus helps deliver a complete user experience across all modes of alternative transportation.  A cross-industry consortium can develop and maintain data standards, define best practices to address poor quality and incomplete data, and innovate in technology and design.

This paper also presents near-term opportunities for transit providers and municipalities to overcome poor quality and incomplete data and public engagement barriers without the development of a consortium.

Download the report here.

For more information, email us at outreach@rmi.org.

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