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eLab Videos


Learn more about eLab's work in the recorded webinars and other videos below.

eLab Webinar: Driving Integration: Regulatory Responses to the EV Opportunity
November 17, 2016

eLab Webinar: Clean energy for low-income — insights from 8 business models
November 14, 2016


eLab Webinar: What Can eLab Accelerator Do For You?
November 2, 2016

eLab Webinar: Microgrid Lessons Learned from Three Years of eLab Accelerator
October 21, 2016

eLab Webinar: Community-Scale Solar and Community Storage — Learnings from the Field
October 28, 2016

eLab webinar: Breaking Ground, Exploring Models that Deliver Energy Solutions to Low-Income Customers
September 27, 2016

eLab webinar: Doing Rate Design Better - Findings from a New RMI Report
June 16, 2016

eLab webinar: Electric Vehicle Charging As A Distributed Energy Source 
June 1, 2016

eLab webinar: DER Valuation, rate design, and the evolving customer role in the electricity system
March 24, 2016

eLab: The Pursuit of Net Zero in Fort Collins
May 20, 2013

eLab: Value of Distributed Resources
March 14, 2013

eLab: Diverse Stakeholders
March 1, 2013

eLab: Accelerating Innovation in the Electricity Sector
July 23, 2012

Accelerating Innovation





eLab: Setting the Course for a New Electricity Paradigm
August 20, 2012

Setting the course video thumb






eLab: Transforming the Electricity System
September 10, 2012

Players together video thumb

eLab: Accelerating Innovation at the Distribution Edge
October 2, 2012

Distribution edge video thumb

The UCSD Microgrid - Showing the Future of Electricity...Today
January 13, 2012

Microgrid Thumb 


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