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Edward J. Klock-McCook



E.J. is a Manager at RMI who joined us in September 2014.  He is currently working in the transportation practice leading our personal mobility engagement with the City of Denver. This initiative aims to significantly reduce the number of single-occupant, gas-power trips that take place in the metro area. This will be achieved through providing better, less expensive alternatives making use of innovative technology and business models. He was also deeply involved in supporting the work in Fort Collins, CO aimed at helping the city adopt a goal of reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2030.  This goal was unanimously approved by City Council in early March 2015 and represents one of the most aggressive city goals in the U.S.  In late 2014, E.J. was part of a project geared toward developing a high level picture of how California could reduce transportation oil consumption 50% by 2030.  


Prior to joining RMI, E.J. worked in aerospace for Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Materials Research & Design.  He has in depth experience with the analysis and design of polymer and ceramic matrix composites.  He recently led a NASA program to develop a material constitutive model to simulate the high-speed impact of composite materials.  The goal of this program was to improve the impact resistance of these materials for use in turbine engine hot-section components.  He has also completed extensive work for Lockheed Martin and the Air Force related to sustained hypersonic flight.

E.J. has earlier experience with dynamic analysis of geosynchronous spacecraft, specifically the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite R-series (GOES-R) as part of the program definition and risk reduction team for Lockheed Martin.


    Masters of Science: Mechanical Engineering, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering, 2004
    Villanova, PA

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Klock-McCook, Edward J., John Podhiny, Brian Sullivan, Suraj Rawal, John Rosenfeld “Challenges and Risk Mitigation in the Design and Development of a Heat Pipe Cooled Cowl Leading Edge for Sustained Hypersonic Flight”
Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force, Jan. 2011
  • Klock-McCook, Edward J., John Podhiny, Brian Sullivan, Suraj Rawal, John Rosenfeld “Thermal-Structural Analysis of Heat Pipe Cooled Cowl Leading Edges”
Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering, May 2009
  • Sanders, D., E.J. Klock-McCook, M.Ramulu, P.D. Edwards, A.P. Reynolds, T. Trapp, “Characterization of Superplastically Formed Friction Stir Weld in Titanium 6Al-4V: Preliminary Results” Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, April 2008, Volume 17, Issue 2, Pages 187 -192
  • Klock-McCook, Edward J. “Characterization Of Friction Stir Welded and Superplastically Formed Friction 
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