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eLab International Peer Network


Inspired by the eLab model, government agencies and NGOs across the planet are investigating the feasibility of establishing eLab­like entities in their respective countries. eLab is proud to support these efforts ensuring that best practices are shared between all those seeking to accelerate the transformation to a renewable, distributed electricity future not only in the U.S. but around the world.

eLab is predicated on the support and collaboration of stakeholders across sectoral boundaries. While these stakeholders do not always agree, constructing an appropriate forum and process to identify a future vision for the electricity system requires eLab organizers to embark on a thoughtful and systematic analysis of the design of an eLab-like model adjusted for the idiosyncrasies of their jurisdiction. Power dynamics and institutional arrangements in electricity sectors across the world means that scaling eLab is not a unilateral endeavor. Instead, we seek to guide the development of global eLabs, informed by our years of experience and experimentation at the heart of RMI’s U.S. eLab model.


eLab currently advises organizations in Australia, Canada, and the European Union in the design, scope, and implementation of eLab-like programs. Updates on these efforts will be available in the future, and will be featured on this page and in RMI blogs.


If you are an NGO or government agency looking to emulate the eLab model in your geography, we invite you to contact us.

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