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eLab Annual Summit


The eLab community is a representative cross-section of industry stakeholders, including state, federal, and local governments, utilities, regulatory agencies, renewables and DER companies, financiers, advocates, customers, and philanthropists. Mirroring the electricity sector itself, eLab’s network is highly interconnected and diverse. The eLab Summit brings together a large fraction of eLab's partners, advisors, and collaborators for two days each year. The Summit engages the eLab ecosystem in a high-energy exchange of ideas and best practices, while strengthening the connective fabric of the eLab community. The overarching goals of the Summit are:

  • To encourage the sharing and replication of cutting-edge ideas in electricity, such as DER valuation and rate design, electric vehicle integration, alternative capital planning, low- income issues, as well as tools for collaborative and systemic leadership 
  • To support participant’s learning and the application of innovative ideas and examples to their own work
  • To connect and strengthen relationships and collaboration across and beyond the eLab network


The eLab Annual Summit is invitation-only. If you or your organization is interested in supporting or attending the Summit, please contact Mark Silberg, eLab Network Manager.

 ELAB ANNUAL SUMMIT 2016 - December 7­­9 Austin, TX

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