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Innovation Center: Design Process

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A building with an ambitious goals --like the Innovation Center-- requires a dedicated goal-oriented team to deliver. That’s why RMI used an Integrated Project Delivery process (IPD) to guide the design and construction of the building to:

  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Define and commit to shared aggressive goals
  • Reward desired outcomes by sharing risk and reward among all team members

As a result, the team embedded integrative design into the entire process as well as the contract, allowing us to reduce time and delays (saving money) because the entire team anticipated and solved problems together rather than pointing fingers. Overall it allowed the team to achieve better comfort and building performance.


IPD is an emerging contracting methodology that creates a framework for team relationships and decision making.  It creates a risk and reward pool to incentivize the whole teams to work together and identify cost savings, which will then be shared among all team members.

The model of our IPD contract:


For the design and construction of the Innovation Center, RMI assembled the most capable and collaborative team they could find. This was no accident. We led a careful selection process aimed at finding the right mix of disciplines, skill sets, and personalities to deliver the results that we wanted.


"In one of our early design sessions, there was a moment where I was standing back, and watching the mechanical engineer, the architect, and the contractor discuss appropriate levels of insulation. One of our trustees leaned over to me and said, ‘In this room full of 25 people you can’t tell who’s from which discipline.’ Everybody was working so cohesively together and throwing out ideas that impacted everyone else’s scope that it truly was integrated design effort. That trust and respect that our team had established from the very first days enabled us to achieve fantastic results.” -- Cara Carmichael


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