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Innovation Center: Energy Generation & Storage

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Thanks to the Innovation Center’s energy efficient design and low annual energy demands, RMI can produce enough energy through the solar panels on our rooftop to power the entire building plus six electric vehicles.


The Innovation Center is a true example of a grid asset. Thanks to high levels of efficiency and on site energy production and storage we're able to not only generate all the energy we use over the course of a year but we can also control our load profile throughout the course of the day. This helps utilities avoid firing up dirty peak power plants when energy demand on the grid is greatest. A typical building acts as an ungoverned consumer of electricity, pulling electricity on-demand from the grid.

Thanks to a dynamic interface between our rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, on-site battery storage, and electric vehicles (which are fitted with conduit to allow for future bi-directional charging once it becomes available), we're able to shed our building loads during peak times, and send clean electricity back to the grid when it is most needed.

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