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Innovation Center: Live Data

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The Innovation Center is intended to serve as a living lab and proof-of-concept in order to teach the industry what we learned through the process, what successes we had, mistakes we made, and what we did to correct them to achieve an unprecedented level of performance. Now, we’re sharing these lessons learned with a level of transparency and honesty so that others can apply what we've learned to their own projects most efficiently and cost effectively.


The Innovation Center’s performance data is publicly available through our real-time energy dashboard, which is also displayed on a monitor located in the building’s lobby. This dashboard synthesizes more than 120 sensors and data monitors reading everything from electrical plug loads at individual workstations to renewable solar production.


To ensure optimal performance, RMI also collects and monitors data on:

  • Energy flows from our on-site solar photovoltaic system, battery storage system, and the electricity grid
  • Solar photovoltaic production and maintenance requirements
  • Energy demands from six electric vehicle charging stations
  • Detailed use data on plug loads broken down by specific end-use

This performance data can be made available upon request.


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