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Innovation Center: Other Features & Resources

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As a LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge Petal Certified building, the Innovation Center showcases other important sustainable design principles beyond energy savings.

Everything from building materials to art and interior finishes were carefully selected to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and durable state-of-the-art office space and convening center that draws on a unique connection to nature to keep occupants happy, healthy, and productive.

What is notable throughout the building is how every move solves for both performance and aesthetics. The roof angle balance PV power generation while creating an interior volume suitable for the open office, but still respecting town height limits. The CLT structural system provides a beneficial floor to ceiling height great for daylighting and running building services as well as a beautiful finish. The stone walls are highly durable and expressive of a 100-year building while reflecting the mountains beyond.

In addition, in the arid west where water is perhaps more important than energy, the Innovation Center takes a unique approach to water conservation and graywater reuse that can pave the way for other commercial buildings in Colorado to preserve this valuable resource.


RMI and our project partners are developing a growing set of resources to share lessons learned on how the building was contracted, designed, constructed, commissioned, and how it is performing in real time to promote replicabilty. 

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