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Easy to access, low-cost financing

Traditional financing has been and will continue to be an important source of efficiency project funding. However, in several new financing options for customers, a utility or company funds the efficiency project on its own balance sheet. In addition, PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) bonds are widely considered the most important innovation for financing energy efficiency in decades, and they deserve a chance to shine.

Other promising policies include point-ofsale energy efficiency inspections, universal building energy labeling, rewards for the top performers (not just penalties for the worst), and building feebates—sliding-scale hookup fees for new or extensively retrofitted buildings to connect to electricity and gas (and water and sewer) services.

Retrofit Finance

Different owners or occupants of property will consider retrofit financing differently. Owners and occupants of larger properties have greater resources for a comprehensive analysis and have increased potential to derive benefits from sustainability investment compared to smaller property owners and occupants.

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