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Bold Goals, Measurable Impacts.

Transforming global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future is an ambitious, vital undertaking—and our sole focus. To succeed, we need to rapidly scale our impact—to “reinvent fire”—making the shift from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and renewables by 2050, if not sooner.

That’s why we’ve established bold goals to achieve by 2025—accomplishments that put us on track to achieve the full energy system transformation.

From the U.S. to China to the rest of the world, we’ll drastically cut carbon emissions to tackle climate change, unlock enormous economic opportunity, and make our energy systems clean, prosperous, and secure. This is our promise to ourselves, to you, and to the world. We welcome you on this journey with us. Following is where we need to be by 2025 and, in part, how we’ll do it.

1. Source U.S. electricity renewably

By 2025, our programs will help shift the electricity system one-third of the way toward our vision and create the dynamics and momentum to carry us through to 2050. They will cut U.S. electricity use by 18 percent and nearly double renewables’ share of generation from 16 to 30 percent compared to business as usual. Find out how.

2. Make U.S. buildings superefficient

By 2025, our programs will push the real estate industry to a tipping point in the way building owners and the financial industry view the building efficiency opportunity. We’ll make one billion square feet of commercial building space 35 percent more efficient, influence the deep energy retrofit (>50 percent efficiency improvement) of billions more, and grow the buildings efficiency market from less than $10 billion per year to more than $25 billion. Find out how. 

3. Transform communities’ energy systems

By 2025, we need a broad base of communities across the U.S. on the pathway to sustainable energy futures. We will directly engage with communities representing 10 million people to plan and execute towards a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future; enable communities representing 40 million more people to do the same with RMI-developed tools and approaches; and see 700 university campuses substantially reduce their carbon footprint. Find out how.

4. Reinvent fire in China and beyond

By 2025, China and other major energy users must be leading the global energy transition. We’ll ensure that a Reinventing Fire-like vision is adopted in countries totaling at least half the global population, with a goal of a 70-percent carbon emissions reduction over 2050 business as usual. Find out how.


Incubating Seeds of Change: Factor Ten Engineering

Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room continue to evaluate a set of early stage projects with high potential for impact. Click here to learn more about Factor Ten Engineering. 


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