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Reinvent Fire in China and Beyond

What’s Needed

To achieve a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future, we need to transform global energy use, not just America’s.

2025 Goal

By 2025, China and other major energy users must be leading the global energy transition. We’ll ensure that a Reinventing Fire-like vision is adopted in countries totaling at least half the global population, with a goal of a 70-percent carbon emissions reduction over 2050 business as usual.

Our Program

Our international program is currently working with the Chinese central government and influential partners—Energy Research Institute, China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Energy Foundation China—to deliver an economically compelling alternative development path for the country.

Commitments to Impact

Over the course of the next 1–2 years, we’re going to:

Provide recommendations to support China’s policy decisions

  • Work with our advisory panel of senior Chinese officials to bring Reinventing Fire ideas to China’s 13th Five-Year Plan
  • Complete technical and policy reports with Chinese officials summarizing findings and implications
  • Create an alliance of at least five NGOs actively promoting Reinventing Fire: China findings

Convene Chinese stakeholders for an innovation event focused on lightweighting and electrification of autos

Initiate Reinventing Fire in regions representing another 1.5 billion people with key partners and a replicable process


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