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Listed below are all documents and RMI.org site pages related to this topic.
Built Environment - Construction Materials 6 Items

Green Footstep: Calculations and Data Sources

Report or White Paper, 2011
Green Footstep is an online assessment tool for reducing carbon emissions from building construction projects and is publicly available at greenfootstep.org. The Green Footstep tool guides the user through the process of life cycle carbon assessment, and then reveals how users can theoretically reduce the net carbon emissions. Some description of the calculation method is provided on the website; however the calculations and data sources are not provided in detail. This paper provides these calculations and data sources in order to make the Green Footstep methodology completely accessible to the general public.


Reinventing Fire Buildings Sector Methodology

Report or White Paper, 2011
This document provides RMI's methodology for the analysis of the buildings sector in Reinventing Fire.


Design for Health: Summit for Massachusetts Health Care Decision Makers

Report or White Paper, 2005
This report describes the process and outcomes of RMI's Design for Health, a summit for Massachusetts health care decision makers. The Summit was a meeting of healthcare facility decision makers addressing the opportunities and challenges in implementing sustainable design principles in the Massachusetts healthcare construction marketplace.


Home Energy Briefs: #1 Building Envelope

Report or White Paper, 2004

This Home Energy Brief focuses on the building envelope. It provides guidance for making improvements to a residential building envelope.


Introduction to Green Building: Environmental Sensitivity with Building Materials

Fact-sheet or One-pager, 2003
This article about environmentally sensitive building materials is the second in a series about green building. The author details the environmental impact of building materials, including concrete, metals, wood, and carpeting.


Introduction to Green Building: Resource Efficiency

Fact-sheet or One-pager, 2002
This article, originally published in RMI Solutions, introduces the concept of green building. The author argues that green building enhances the natural environment while benefiting humans. Several methods of saving energy and money in the building process are described.


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