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Built Environment - Envelope 12 Items

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Reinventing Fire Buildings Sector Methodology

Report or White Paper, 2011
This document provides RMI's methodology for the analysis of the buildings sector in Reinventing Fire.


Lovins' Response to "The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation"

Letter, 2009
This piece by Amory and Judy Lovins was written in response to an article in The Wall Street Journal about the design, construction, and renovation of the Lovins' home. The Lovins' response draws economic conclusions opposite to those of the original article.


Home Energy Briefs: #1 Building Envelope

Report or White Paper, 2004

This Home Energy Brief focuses on the building envelope. It provides guidance for making improvements to a residential building envelope.


Home Energy Briefs: #4 Space Heating

Report or White Paper, 2004

This Home Energy Brief serves as a guide for home-heating options. It covers the topics of heat loss and passive heating; the efficiency, maintenance, and costs of heating systems; and what you should consider when purchasing a heating system.


Home Energy Briefs: #3 Space Cooling

Report or White Paper, 2004

This Home Energy Brief focuses on space cooling. The Brief covers the issues of heat gain, passive cooling, and space cooling systems.


Home Energy Briefs: #9 Whole System Design

Report or White Paper, 2004

This Home Energy Brief focuses on whole system design. The Brief covers the application of whole system design to a building envelope, building materials, and the cost and financing of whole system design.


Green Pays Its Way--Performance-Based Fees

Journal or Magazine Article, 2002
This article explains that giving building and design professionals a financial incentive to create high-efficiency schools proves to be a winning strategy for both the firms that design and build schools and the students who learn in them.


The Super-Efficient Passive Building Frontier

Journal or Magazine Article, 1995
This case study of a superefficient home suggests that integrated whole-building design can yield superior comfort with about three to thirty times less mechanical energy and often with lower capital costs, but that achieving this poses fundamental challenges to professional education and practice and to compensation structure.


Greening the White House: a Comprehensive Energy and Environmental Retrofit

Report or White Paper, 1994
This report describes RMI's experience with the "Greening the White House" project. In this initiative the Clinton Administration analyzed, designed, and implemented a program to improve the energy use in the building. The project provides a unique vantage point for teaching about technological advances, environmental responsibility, and sustainable design.


Greening the Building and the Bottom Line

Report or White Paper, 1994
This paper, which was written jointly by RMI and the Department of Energy, describes the energy efficiency measures undertaken by eight organizations. In each of the cases presented, improved efficiency in lighting, heating, and cooling increased worker productivity, decreased absenteeism, and sometimes improved the quality of the work being performed.


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