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Reinventing Fire Buildings Sector Methodology

Report or White Paper, 2011
This document provides RMI's methodology for the analysis of the buildings sector in Reinventing Fire.


Whole-Building Retrofits: A Gateway to Climate Stabilization

Conference Proceedings, 2010
This paper discusses creative elements of deep whole building retrofits. It discusses process and technique, how to select suitable buildings, the key players that must be involved, project development tasks the design team must complete, and tools and skills that engineers will need to acquire to comprehensively and cost- effectively retrofit the existing commercial building stock.


Cool Citizens: Everyday Solutions to Climate Change: Household Solutions

Guide, 2002
This brief describes residential carbon dioxide emissions profiles and calculations of carbon dioxide reduction measures. The brief provides a profile for energy consumption, energy costs, and the emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from the direct and indirect use of energy in the household.


Negawatt Revolution: Electric Efficiency and Asian Development

Journal or Magazine Article, 1991
This paper, published in 1991 in the Far Eastern Economic Review, compares electricity use by electric utilities customers in the far Eastern countries with use by customers in the United States. Amory Lovins asks why Asia's utilities supply more electricity and ask their customers to do less with it, while many U.S. utilities seek to supply less and help their customers do more with it?


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