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Imagine a University

Presentation, 2013

Amory Lovins' address to the 2nd Appalachian Leadership Summit and
 University of North Carolina Energy Leadership Challenge Appalachian State University, in Boone, North Carolina, 17 July 2013.


Comment on "Opportunities and challenges for a sustainable energy future" on Nature.com

Letter, 2012

This comment was posted on Nature.com in response to “Opportunties and challenges for a sustainable energy future” by Steven Chu and Arun Mujumdar. In it, Amory Lovins argues that integrating the Department of Energy's technological solutions with innovative design, strategy, and public policy could solve many energy problems.


Going Deeper: A New Approach for Encouraging Retrofits

Report or White Paper, 2011
This paper describes a new approach to demand-side management that promotes whole-building projects and encourages owners, energy service providers, and utilities to work together for significant energy savings.


Factor Ten Engineering Design Principles

Report or White Paper, 2010
Designers often assume that radical efficiency is too expensive. Yet RMI’s Factor Ten Engineering initiative demonstrates that very large energy and resource savings can be very profitable across a wide range of applications. Factor Ten Engineering uses such innovations to transform design and engineering practice, via whole-system thinking and integrative design. This document outlines the design principles of Factor Ten Engineering.


Lovins' Response to "The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation"

Letter, 2009
This piece by Amory and Judy Lovins was written in response to an article in The Wall Street Journal about the design, construction, and renovation of the Lovins' home. The Lovins' response draws economic conclusions opposite to those of the original article.


Imagine a World

Conference Proceedings, 2007
This speech was given by Amory Lovins at RMI's 25th anniversary celebration, RMI25, in 2007. In the speech, he outlines his vision of the world's future.


What Can We Do?

Journal or Magazine Article, 2007
In this series published in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Amory Lovins joins three other atomic experts in discussing ideas for how to curb carbon dioxide emissions, reduce global temperatures, and sustain economic growth.


Energy End-Use Efficiency

Report or White Paper, 2005
This paper, which was commissioned by the InterAcademy Council, discusses the importance and benefits of considering energy end-use efficiency when making energy economic decisions. Energy end-use efficiency is the concept of providing more desired services per unit of energy consumed.


Home Energy Briefs: #9 Whole System Design

Report or White Paper, 2004

This Home Energy Brief focuses on whole system design. The Brief covers the application of whole system design to a building envelope, building materials, and the cost and financing of whole system design.


U.S. Energy Security Facts

Report or White Paper, 2003

This booklet provides facts about U.S. energy use and energy security. The booklet contains facts including U.S. oil sources and uses, oil efficiency achievements and potential for further efficiency achievements. It also includes an analysis of the American energy security situation.


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