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The Atlantic Mann Rebuttal

Journal or Magazine Article, 2013

On April 24, 2013, The Atlantic ran a cover feature by writer Charles C. Mann, “What If We Never Run Out of Oil?” The piece contained a number of inaccuracies, to which Rocky Mountain Institute co-founder and chief scientist Amory B. Lovins responded in a rebuttal the magazine posted on May 13, 2013. One day later, Mann offered a counter of his own, but perpetuated a range of errors. In this definitive reply, Lovins sets the record straight.


Reinventing Fire Electricity Sector Methodology

Report or White Paper, 2011

This document provides an overview of Reinventing Fire’s electricity sector analysis with a focus on the methodologies and inputs of NREL’s ReEDS and RMI’s dispatch model. The document is divided into two main sections. The first section provides a high-level overview of the ReEDS model and details of RMI’s assumptions that served as ReEDS inputs. Please note: This section relies heavily on NREL’s forthcoming documentation, Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS). This document will be updated when NREL makes its updated ReEDS documentation available. NREL’s documentation provides a detailed explanation of the ReEDS objective function, approach, algorithms, and common assumptions, including important information regarding generation and demand resource inputs, such as renewable resource potential. RMI’s documentation details key inputs or variables that differ from those described in NREL’s own documentation of ReEDS. The second section documents RMI’s dispatch model.


Freeing America From Its Addiction to Oil

Journal or Magazine Article, 2010
This article was originally published on CNN.com in 2010 and expands on Amory Lovins' TED talk from 2005. In the article Lovins describes the progress made since RMI's 2004 book, Winning the Oil Endgame.


Nuclear Power and Climate Change

Letter, 2007
This 2007 e-mail exchange between Steve Berry (University of Chicago), Peter Bradford (former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner and senior utility regulator), and Amory Lovins illustrates the cases for and against nuclear power in relation to climate and the environment.


Clean Renewables and Efficiency, not Coal, are the Key

Journal or Magazine Article, 2000
This commentary in the Aspen Daily News was written in response to an op-ed by then Colorado State Rep. Carl Miller (D). In a previous edition of the newspaper, Rep. Miller wrote an opinion titled: "Electricity from Coal is Essential, Affordable and Increasingly Clean." Sen. Miller's piece reflected on the booming economy, the state's rapid growth, and rising energy prices in Colorado (notably rising natural gas prices), and proposed that Coloradoans look at coal as the solution, especially for those with economic hardships.


Negawatt Revolution: Electric Efficiency and Asian Development

Journal or Magazine Article, 1991
This paper, published in 1991 in the Far Eastern Economic Review, compares electricity use by electric utilities customers in the far Eastern countries with use by customers in the United States. Amory Lovins asks why Asia's utilities supply more electricity and ask their customers to do less with it, while many U.S. utilities seek to supply less and help their customers do more with it?


Rock Bottom: Nearing the Limits of Metal Mining in Britain

Journal or Magazine Article, 1972
In this article in The Ecologist, Amory Lovins argues against the mining policies of the British government from the 1970s. Lovins argues that elegant resource frugality is a more logical, sensible and natural process of energy use than unchecked mining development.


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