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Insurmountable Opportunities: Steps and Barriers to Implementing Sustainable Development

Report or White Paper, 2001
L. Hunter Lovins and Walter Link presented this paper to the 2001 UN Regional Roundtable for Europe and North America. In it, the authors outline the steps that need to be taken to implement sustainable development and what barriers stand in the way of those changes.


L.A. Times Commentary on Bill Joy's Wired Article

Journal or Magazine Article, 2001
This commentary was written in response to Bill Joy's article from Wired magazine, "Why the future doesn't need us". In the commentary, Amory Lovins connects the themes from Joy's article about out-of-control technologies, together with his own related concerns about transgenics and nuclear fission.


Redesigning Evolution

Letter, 2000
In this letter published in Science, Amory Lovins responds to an editorial by Roger Beachy promoting the benefits of genetically modified foods. In his response, Lovins argues that there are negative ecological implications of genetically modified food and that it amounts to redesigning evolution.


Graduation Test for the Species

Journal or Magazine Article, 2000
This editorial from The Washington Times describes the dangers of biotechnology and genetic modification.


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