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Industry & Materials - Chemicals & Petrochemicals & Refining 7 Items

Reinventing Fire Industry Sector Methodology

Report or White Paper, 2011

This document provides RMI's methodology for the analysis of the industry sector in Reinventing Fire.


Getting Off Oil: Recent Leaps and Next Steps

Journal or Magazine Article, 2008
This article is a 2008 update on the progress of RMI's 2005 effort to implement Winning the Oil Endgame. In this article, Amory Lovins provides an update on recent progress in many of the sectors targeted in Winning the Oil Endgame. He also describes the steps required to implement the strategy fully in the auto industry.


Wanted: Masters of Elegant Frugality

Journal or Magazine Article, 2006
This article describes how whole-system engineering can make very large savings cost less than the savings achieved by capturing the interactive effects between design components. The authors argue that as chemical engineering continues to accelerate economic progress, its most valuable practitioners will be those whose integrative design skills create radically greater resource productivity at lower costs.


Winning the Oil Endgame: Executive Summary

Book or Book Chapter, 2004
The Executive Summary of Winning the Oil Endgame briefly outlines RMI's strategic plan to end oil dependence by the 2040s.


Energy Forever

Journal or Magazine Article, 2003
This article, which is the second in a two-part series, is about American energy security. The authors argue that a balanced, market-driven energy policy can make both—if we gracefully let go of the past, embrace what works, and do what most Americans want. The first article is "Mobilizing Energy Solutions" (RMI ID E02-01).


Energy Security: It Takes More Than Drilling

Journal or Magazine Article, 2002
This editorial in the Christian Science Monitor describes how America can become more secure through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources.


Saving Forests From the Demand Side

Presentation, 1999
This presentation describes why forests should be saved and how. Specific actions that can be taken are described. This presentation was given to the World Resources Institute.


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