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Transportation - Electrification & Infrastructure & Smart Garage 7 Items

Interoperable Transit Data: Enabling a shift to mobility as a service

Report or White Paper, 2015
Personal mobility in the U.S. is dominated by personally owned vehicles, accounting for more than 80 percent of trips. Personally owned vehicles produce 15 percent of U.S. and 10 percent of global emissions, account for 30 percent of global oil combustion, sit unused over 95 percent of their lives, and consume 27 percent of income in U.S. median- income households. A mobility system dominated by—and often reliant upon—costly personal vehicles leaves many lower-income individuals and families without access to affordable mobility.


Reinventing Fire: Three Energy Gamechangers for China and the World

Journal or Magazine Article, 2013


A Farewell to Fossil Fuels: Answering the Energy Challenge

Journal or Magazine Article, 2012

In this article published in Foreign Affairs, Amory Lovins describes a U.S. transition from fossil fuels--a blueprint detailed in Reinventing Fire-- that requires pursuing three agendas. First, radical automotive efficiency can make electrification affordable and save fuel in heavy vehicles; and all vehicles can be used more productively. Second, new designs can make buildings and factories several times more efficient than they are now. Third, modernizing the electric system to make it diverse, distributed, and renewable can also make it clean, reliable and secure. Getting the U.S. off fossil fuels would transform its foreign policy, and turbocharge global development. He argues that we don't have to wait for congress to seize these opportunities.

This article is also available to read at Foreign Affairs.


Reinventing Fire Transportation Sector Methodology

Report or White Paper, 2011

This document provides RMI's methodology for the analysis of the transportation sector in Reinventing Fire.


Smart Garage Charrette PreRead Core

Report or White Paper, 2008

The Smart Garage Charrette Pre-Read Core gives the most important background on the Smart Garage vision (united vehicles, the grid, and buildings through vehicle electrification), technologies, modeling, and market analysis including hot topics as of October 2008.


Smart Garage Charrette Report

Report or White Paper, 2008
Bringing electrified vehicles, advanced net-zero buildings, and a smart renewable grid together in innovative ways to provide clean, cheap, and secure mobility and electricity: that is the vision of Smart Garage. But how to get there? This document tells us how, by defining the key players in the system, the top six barriers to the vision, and strategies to overcome the barriers.


Creating Impact with your Support: A Transportation Success Story

Ben Holland discusses RMI's success with preparing cities in the U.S. for the arrival of electric vehicles through Project Get Ready.


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