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Transportation - Fossil fuel reduction opportunities - substituting alternative fuels for remaining oil needs 3 Items

Assessment of natural gas heavy truck technology

Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) hold great promise over the near and medium-term, especially for buses, medium duty vehicles, centrally fueled fleets, and even class 8 heavy trucks.


Biofuel supply curve

Even with Reinventing Fire’s 2050 outlook on oil use, the nation will still need 3.1 million bbl/d of liquid fuel (minus any natural gas used in trucks). While they can't be cost-effectively electrified, planes and heavy trucks can run on second and third generation biofuels that can be produced in sufficient supply at costs below $80/barrel oil equivalent.


Second generation biofuel economics by conversion process

Key inputs to our biofuel model for key second-generation biofuel conversion processes are outlined in this table.


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