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Transportation - Lifecycle Analysis 4 Items

Digging Deep: Are CFLs Really Green?

Report or White Paper, 2008
This paper addresses the debate over compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent light bulbs through lifecycle analysis. The research shows that the environmental impact of incandescents is more than that of CFLs.


Comparison of Lifecycle Analyses of Compact Fluorescent and Incandescent Lamps Based on Rated Life of Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Report or White Paper, 2008
This paper compares the efficiency of compact flourescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescents using lifecycle analysis. The research shows that despite the added complexity in manufacturing CFLs and mercury emitted over a CFL's life, the CFLs are still a net "win" over an incandescent light.


Hypercars: A Market-Oriented Approach to Meeting Lifecycle Environmental Goals

Journal or Magazine Article, 1997
This paper from 1997 discusses the growing social and regulatory pressures that are compelling automakers to make cars with higher quality and lower lifecycle environmental impacts. The paper describes how a car optimized to meet market and regulatory requirements can also have a minimal lifecycle environmental impact.


Costing the Ultralite in Volume Production: Can Advanced Composite Bodies-in-White Be Affordable?

Conference Proceedings, 1995
This paper examines the manufacturing and lifecycle costs for an ultra-lightweight body-in-white. The authors give an overview of the hypercar; discusses materials, manufacturing, operation, and post-use issues for composite BIWs; describes the lifecycle cost assessment methodology; and analyzes the costs for volume production of the case-study BIW.


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