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Solutions Journal: Spring 2012 (Vol. 5, No. 2)

RMI30: What We've Created Together

By Rebecca Cole

For 30 years, together with our supporters, RMI has worked to make the world a better place by driving the efficient and restorative use of resources. Watch now, and find out how our work is made possible through the support of our donors. 


More Spring 2012 Articles


Letter from the CEO

By Michael Potts

Flash back to 1982: U.S. gasoline sells for the horrifying price of $1.25 per gallon. This is the year when Amory and Hunter Lovins set up shop in Old Snowmass, Colorado, to foster “the efficient and restorative use of resources.” Read more


Practical Transformation

By Amory Lovins

Rocky Mountain Institute does solutions, not problems; practice, not theory; transformation, not incrementalism. In short, practical transformation.Most of the world’s biggest economic entities are no longer countries but companies, and many central governments are stagnating while private enterprise innovates. Read more



Driver's Seat: Innovation at the Wheel

By Randy Essex

RMI’s breakthrough Hypercar never carried passengers, but it drove transportation advances that continue today—inside and outside RMI. Read more



Power It Up: The Next Generation Grid

By Kelly Vaughn

As much as we take it for granted and as simple as it is to flick a switch, no human artifact is more complex than the system that keeps our lights on. In the U.S., 5,800 power plants generate power. Read more



Building Momentum: RMI’s Buildings Practice Evolves

RMI’s history with the building industry in a nutshell: The Institute was instrumental in creating the concept of green real-estate development ... Read more



Fine Design Takes Chutzpah: RMI’s Industry Practice Expands Boundaries

By Molly Miller

What makes a manufacturer sign on to a seemingly audacious idea about energy savings? “You have to get them to suspend their disbelief,” says Dr. Malcolm Lewis. Read more



Imagine a World: Parachuting Cats and Other Wild Solutions

Imagine a world, a few short generations hence, where spacious, peppy, ultrasafe, 120- to 200-mpg cars whisper through revitalized cities and towns, convivial suburbs, and fertile, prosperous countryside, burning no oil ... Read more



Moon Shot: A Dream of Tomorrow

By Randy Essex

During my 31-year career in daily news, I witnessed a shift from an American society that believed in exciting possibilities and looked to the skies to one mired in doubt, staring down at smart phones for the latest bad news. Read more



Spinning it off: RMI Incubates Success

RMI has created four major spinoffs: Three for-profit companies and one nonprofit. In addition, RMI staffers, with the Institute’s encouragement, spun off two further for-profits. Read more




RMI Trustees

Rocky Mountain Institute is governed by a self-perpetuating, term-limited Board of Trustees that has complete oversight and policy responsibility. The trustees meet three times a year and confer frequently on an individual basis with RMI’s operating officers. Read more



Empire State Building Lights Honor RMI

By Molly Miller

The characteristic floodlights that illuminate the top of the Empire State Building were shining a bright green May 10 to honor Rocky Mountain Institute’s 30 years of work in energy efficiency. Read more



Alumni Survey: Emeritus Board Member Supports Survey

By Jimmy Mills, Emeritus Board Member

Of those responding to the survey, a gratifying 95 percent are still engaged in activities designed to bring such a world closer to hand. We share some of the results of the survey with you ... Read more


A More Charitable World: Dutch Postcode Lottery Funds Diverse Groups

By Molly Miller

Iberian lynx in Portugal, at-risk children in Ghana, refugees in Darfur and South Sudan, an American entrepreneur who makes insulation from mushrooms, the Clinton Global Initiative, Rocky Mountain Institute. Read more


A Moment with Fred Stanback: RMI’s Work is his Legacy

Longtime RMI supporters and members of the National Solutions Council, Fred and Alice Stanback’s support for RMI has brought a considerable amount of the Institute’s work to life. RMI also benefits from the Stanback Internship Program, established in 1995 and offered to graduate students at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Read more

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